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Answers to Frequently Asked Foundation Repair Questions

Usually steel, as it is driven to bedrock.  Steel sometimes presents a cost issue.  Drilled piers offer the least stress to older slabs, but won't always reach load bearing strata. Pressed Piers do reach load bearing strata, but will no go as deep as steel.

Can I postpone repairs?
Once a foundation begins to fail, it needs immediate attention to stop the damage from spreading.

Do I need to fix the foundation to sell my house?
Not always, but it is your legal and moral obligation to fully disclose any problems.  Often times, the price for foundation repairs is much than the discount that a prospective buyer will place on a foundation that is not repaired.

I am in the process of buying and the house inspector's report says "some evidence of settling" or "foundation is in reasonable condition for its age".
These statements are RED FLAGS which suggest a more comprehensive evaluation by a foundation professional.

What is the difference between a Level "A" and a Level "B" report?
A lot.

A level "B" report provides hard numbers on foundation flatness along with analysis and recommendations.  A Level "A" report tends to be a brief summary of the condition, lacking concrete facts.

Why is drainage so important?

Water accumulation along one area of a house will cause the soil to expand. The localized soil expansion may cause the slab to flex and ultimately break.

Why are my brick and interior walls cracking? I don't see any cracks in the slab.
A steel reinforced residential slab can withstand a lot of bending and stress before it breaks. Brick walls, sheet rock, and hard tile are much less forgiving and serve as early warning signs of foundation problems.

What about carpet, tile and other floor coverings?
These are the responsibility of the home owner.

What about French Drains?
Sometimes needed to eliminate excessive moisture which would cause an area of the house to rise.  Fort Worth Foundation can install French Drains.

Is a surface drain as good as a French Drain?
The drain type is site dependent. Surface drains collect water on top of the ground and may fail to sufficiently reduce the underground moisture level.  French drains require the water to penetrate the ground. Sometimes it is best to use a hybrid... a French Drain with surface water collection drains.

How does a plumbing leak effect a foundation?
In the early stages of a leak, the soil swells and may create a noticeable hump in the floor.  Continued leaking leads to soil erosion and a slump in the floor.

How long does it take for typical foundation repairs? 
Depending upon the number of piers, most foundation repairs are completed in 1-3 days.

What will happen to my plants during the repairs?
Fort Worth Foundation carefully removes and replants all vegetation. Groundcover (dozens of sheets of plywood) is used to hold dirt.

Can I dig near a foundation?
Because of soil movement which could undermine the support of a house, Fort Worth Foundation recommends that the hole depth not exceed the distance to the foundation.

I am having a new home built. What should I do about the foundation?
Hire a professional engineer to review foundation design and oversee critical stages of construction.


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