When it Comes to Foundation Repairs Call the Best In The Business, Fort Worth Foundation Repair!

The Solution to your Foundation Problem...

To Insure a Top-Quality Foundation Repair, we've developed a
Eleven-Step Supervised Process as outlined below.

Prior to starting your Foundation Repair, the experienced professionals at Fort Worth Foundation Repair will determine the affected areas utilizing State-of-the-art equipment.

step3.gif (45633 bytes)step4.gif (45366 bytes)
Step 1.) Upon arrival at your home to conduct the repairs, Fort Worth Foundation Repair will place plywood down to protect your landscaping. step5.gif (49435 bytes)
Step 2.) Where shrubbery and plants are present, Fort Worth Foundation Repair will carefully remove your shrubs and plants so they can be re-planted after the repairs are done. step8.gif (55758 bytes)step7.gif (53421 bytes)
Step 3.) Pre-determined holes will be dug in each area and piers will be placed. step15b.gif (46267 bytes)step6.gif (51887 bytes)
Step 4.) As can be seen, we use two pilings instead of the traditional one piling. This gives your foundation added protection! Pier2.gif (75539 bytes)
Step 5.) The pilings are then driven into the ground one by one until they have reached the maximum depth, usually this occurs when the first piling hits bedrock. step12.gif (54688 bytes)
Step 6.) Steel Connector Rods are placed in between the piers so they will not move after repairs are made. cablelock.gif (8939 bytes)
Step 7.) After all pilings are placed, and under strict supervision, your home is raised as close to level as possible. step16.gif (57010 bytes)step14.gif (58592 bytes)
Step 8.) One of the two final pilings are placed and the metal shims are driven between the foundation and the final piling. Jacks are then removed and the second piling is installed and shimmed. FeatherPiers.gif (53420 bytes)
Step 9.) The holes will then be filled and plants and shrubs re-planted. step18.gif (67896 bytes)step21.gif (52847 bytes)
Step 10.) Any cracks in mortar and bricks will be filled to best match the color of the surface. step22.gif (41694 bytes)
Step 11.) The professionals at Fort Worth Foundation Repair will then clean all areas where the work was performed. You'll hardly even notice we were there! What you will notice is that you got the ABSOLUTE best Foundation Repair available at the Best Possible price! step19.gif (44929 bytes)


For phone consultation about foundation repair, or to schedule an appointment for a free foundation evaluation, contact us at:   (817) 540-FIXX.