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Here's what a couple of our customers think!

Dear Steve & Kevin,

I would like to tell you and your crew how much I appreciated the fine workmanship that you provided in the repair of my foundation. I knew the basics of what would be going on but had forgotten the sheer labor that it required. After watching the project I feel sure that I will not ever have any more problems due to your dual pier approach and the leveling that you did. The most amazing and surprising thing is that when you finished my yard had been completely groomed and restored to almost pristine condition. When the ground settles a little bit and the grass fills in it will not even be noticeable that anything ever happened.

Although none of us like to hear that we have foundation problems, it is going to happen to a lot of houses. When corrective measures have been taken there will be peace of mind that goes along with the pride of home ownership. I really dreaded the thought of having to do it but now I really am relieved that it has been done and that my home will be sound for my lifetime.

I would heartily and confidently recommend your work and services to those who are experiencing foundation problems. There is always a tendency to put something like this off but my recommendation is to fix it as soon as possible because things will only get worse. Thanks again for you courtesy and a job well done.

Sincerely yours,
   R. Ozmun
   North Richland Hills

Dear Mr. Steve Birdsong,

First of all I want to thank you for a job well done. You and your crew did a first rate job on my mothers home.

Secondly, sadly to say in the past when conducting business with the opposite sex it was an unpleasant experience for me.

Mr. Birdsong I want you to know that I'm very impressed with your honesty, respect towards others and the integrity of your character that you bestowed on me.

I can and will wholeheartedly without any hesitation recommend FORT WORTH FOUNDATION REPAIR to any one in need of their service.

   P. Aldridge
   Fort Worth

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